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Someone help me with the drawer code, I know how to solve it I just don't know the number and color combinations


hi, has ANYONE solved the lab puzzle with water, electric, fire, and plant? i have no idea what it can be.


i just brute forced it and the solution is:

- o - -
- - o -
- - o -
- - - o


this is a cool game and i love the design of it, but this puzzle is not the best. the sliders for these "elements" aren't even numbered -- does this solution mean 1, 2, 2, 3, or 2, 3, 3, 4? or something else??

Can anyone help me with the lab puzzle?

How do you even play it? I can't get past the first paragraph

The red text is interactable. :) 

For the Music box, put 2 in first spot, 4 in second and use the symbols to calculate the rest of the numbers with the +,-, division symbol, and multiplication symbol. Ex: 2 times 4 = 8 ( put multp. dial at 8)


Okay, I'm also stuck on this cupboard problem.  Thought maybe it was a matter of counting which things are earthy, which watery, etc.  Does this require some background in chemistry to recognize what each shelf's components would do or something?


Hey does anyone know how to get past the cupboard lock? I don't quite understand how that puzzle works

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The puzzles were so much fun to do. Amazing game.
You need a buy me a coffee page. If you have, please share link.


how do i get past the first puzzle after opening the trap door


Me: tries putting envelope in the door This is not that hard, I can think through it. Also me: spends one hour on the first level and can’t figure out how to unlock the drawer

Seriously though, I need help please!


if you're still stuck: reading both the envelope and the papers would help you figure out the combination. (if you don't know how to read the envelope, use the lamp.) anyway, with a bit more thinking, you should be able to solve the first level

hope this helped :))

TY, now I know how to read the envelope :)

finished this game in about 20 mins. neat puzzle game!


i'm stuck from the point that i opened the trapdoor

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pay attention to the other things on the cupboard


i solved it thx


no problem!


how did you solve it?

i spent forever trying to figure it out, but totally couldn't. i moved my answer by 1 and it suddenly opened. i think i had water at 1, fire at 3, lighting at 3, and plant at 4


i solved it thx


Love the design and the gameplay, am stuck on the musicbox puzzle and have no idea what I'm missing


same Ive been trying to figure it out for an hour now

hey do you know the code for the drawer level

use the poem in the envelope and  the papers for the numbers and colors


did you solve it?


No, that's why I commented, I was hoping someone would help me out because it's not fun to just throw spaghetti at a wall and see what sticks


Hey! I know this is super late but I just found this game and wanted to help you out. At first the music box puzzle stumped me too. However, I did solve it. There are 6 total symbols. Two of which are music related. One is a music note the other is a trophy. So this gives you the inkling that the showcase info is important. When you look at that, take the highest place this person won out of each category: performance and composition. These two numbers add up to be 6 indicated by the plus symbol on the music box. From there you just place the dial at the number that results from those two numbers if put through that symbol. E.g : 4+2=6 (which is the first one) Hope this helps!!

i still dont understand, sorry. So you take the first two numbers and put them through the symbols?


Can you tell me what exactly you don't understand? I can try to explain better if I know what you're stuck on. :)

im just really confused on the music box puzzle. is the music sheet supposed to help, or is it all in the showcase? and i dont understand if there's supposed to be a pattern.


First off, the music sheet is not used here. You're right it's all in the showcase.  From the showcase, you take the 4th place in performance & the 2nd place in composition. These two places add to be 6. Which is used, and shown on the music box(on the circle with the + sign). This is the only dial(circle with an icon) given to you. But, that's where the 4 and 2 come into play. You put the dials(the music note and the trophy) at 4 & 2. Then after you are just doing the equation given with these two numbers. 


Since 4+2=6

What is 4x2=?

Or 4-2=?

Or 4/2=?

Please let me know if this was more helpful! If not, I can try again to re-explain it. :)